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Money Boxes

Beside our range of candles, mugs, and slates, we also have money boxes for all occasions. Similar to our mugs, they are also made from good quality white ceramic. A money box is a container used for storing money in, with a slim opening at the top for notes and coins to be placed inside. Not only does it store money, our boxes also encourage people to save money when they can, afterall, a rainy day can be just around the corner.

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There are many events throughout a person’s life where savings will be needed such as for a wedding, your first car, your first house, and so on. We have a money box in stock to match the occasion. A money box would also make a great little gift for kids who have had their First Holy Communion, they can use the money box to save their communication money, or they could just use it to save their pocket money. These boxes don’t have to be used to save up for a specific occasion, they can be used to collect loose change around the house. You’ll be surprised how much you can save in a money box!